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Amy Cummins.   
Artist of the Year.

These are the incredible
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We call them Heros.
Please support our men and women who make a difference in our world every single day.
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Amy Cummins

Our Artist of the Year

Amy's Story

Amy is a Native American, born in Oklahoma and currently a highly decorated, 21 year police veteran who works with crime victims. She is the essence of a extremely determined woman to overcome every obstacle she encounters. Single mom, paid her own way thru college where she obtained a bachelors degree in Psychology. Amy turned to painting a few years ago to ease the stress of being a cop. She found a whole other person inside her and now she creates masterpieces to share with the world. Amy's newest creation "The Color Of Courage" has won her our Artist of the Year.
Among her many accomplishments include acting, mentoring youth, and volunteering. She is focused on helping women's shelters including homeless victims of abuse. Amy has what makes America Great. Thank you Amy

Amy Cummins
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Amy's Work in Progress

"Once you commission my work, My Mind Is All Yours."

Artist of the Year

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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